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Hi Wannabe

I have 4 years experience on the hyper 111..., Hyper requires a freerace or race sail, as its a power combo, that will blow your arms and back leg if not correctly tuned with sail and fin.

I have looked up the sail, and it should work well. Always with hyper downhaul the sail to max ( check with your eye as well, as sometimes the measurements are not accurate, sometimes as the sails wear you can add 1cm etc), regardless of windspeed and use outhaul to adjust the power. This extreme downhaul ir required to lift the nose and free up the board, you will feel the difference on your 1st run. You will find the supplied 42cm will work well from 12/13 knots through to about 16/17. If you find your back leg getting way to loaded, simply change down to the 34cm fin, this will work fine from about 15 knots.

Start with your footstraps in the middle holes front and back. Mast track should be centre. Boom medium heght at the start will help you with control. Harness lines should be approx 26", give or take a little depending on the conditions (get adjustable, as advised by Roger).

Once properly tuned, you WILL smoke your friends to windward and through lulls!

Once again dont be affraid to crank on the downhaul, experimenting is the only way.

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