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Hi Ian and Tiesda,

I've asked this question a number of times, and unfortunately, I've never ended up with an answer of any kind from Starboard. Maybe one of you will tackle it now.

How does the Serenity work with a weedfin?

Although I realize that the board will not work as well as the standard 70cm vertical fin, the locations where I sail are loaded with floating kelp and eel grass, so the 40 to 45 degree rake of a weedfin is a real necessity. With planing board designs, it's incredible how much performance and tracking suffer when one gathers just a small amount amount of kelp or eel grass. Also, it's quite frustrating to have to repeatedly jump in the water to clear the fin. Given the likelihood that waterstarting is out of the question in super light wind, a requirement to climb aboard and uphaul all the time after clearing the weeds would greatly limit the potential for fun.

I'm aware that the Serenity also comes with a shallower 40cm fin, but my assumption is that it's configuration is still vertical in design. I realize this is a tough question, especially if the Serenity's performance is hindered greatly by less than a vertical fin. Still though, many folks like me live in weedy locales, so I'm sure that I'm not alone in my concern about this. Your honest candor would be appreciated.

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