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With a Serenity and a CodeRed 11.0m2 sail, I can go as fast as twice the wind speed, i.e., in 5 knots wind, I'm travelling at almost 10 knots board speed. As fast as a Hobbie Cat 18 footer. Faster than a Div 2 board, no question.
In 7 knots wind, formula guys are planing and are faster than me at twice the wind speed, mainly because my board speed is topping at 12 knots. Below 7 knots, they shlogg at 5 knots board speed while I'm twice faster. In a gusty 5-10 knots wind drag race, it's becoming pretty challenging to predict who will be winning between the Serenity and the Formula.

Sorry, never tried the Phantom 380 yet.

Cheers !


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