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Question 2008 site & GO 133 2008

Found it here, but again your Archive 2008 link does not work:

A question I have while I'm here for the 2008 GO models, your site states that the 144, 155, 166? &/ 177 have a full EVA deck, but you state nothing about the 111, 122 & 133's EVA. Do they have the partial EVA deck as the 2006/2007 smaller models did?

The reason is I had a 2007 GO 139 and liked the partial EVA deck. Sold it to a student and now have a 2008 GO 133 on order to replace it, would like it to have some EVA beyond the footpads. I see that the 2009 models have two versions an EVA and non-EVA deck regular vs sport model, so I am unsure what type of deck I will soon be getting? Hope it has some EVA?

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