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Default sth similar from 2009 to the Aero 117 (06)


since my favourite board is not in 100% condition anymore I am looking for something similar from the 2009.

I was thinking about the new Kode, but there I don't know which volume (112, 122 ? aero is exactly in the middle).

I am pretty heavy guy...95kg. I like sailing overpowered (5.5sqm at 6-7 bft)...
Currently, Aero 117 is the smallest one that I have.

Is the Futura (my second choice) of the same volume much faster than Kode or is it more or less comparable...and how about the airjibing (Kode vs. Futura)?

Thanks for help.
Ciao Michal.

PS: regards to all starboard freaks!!!
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