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I used to have the original Aero 117 though and agree it is a nice board.

One question: It sound like you mostly use the board for blasting in chop and flatwater, not for wave riding. Is that correct? Then I think you will find the new Kodes an improvement, for sure. Size is a bit hard to say. The 112 is 3cms narrower than your current 117 while the 122 is 1cm wider. But that's not the whole story. Since the Aeor is your smallest board maybe you don't need to fit wuper big sail on it. Then I think the 112 is the best option.

The Futuras are very different boards. If you liked the Aero, I think the Kode is a much more natural choice. Futura would be for even more blasting oriented straight line riding.They still jibe nice but prefer longer arcs and are overall not as manoeuvre oriented as the Kodes.
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