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Formula would be nice, but this is the issue

Final day - event reports
16:06 | I am afraid that is it for this event - we do not have time to validate these championships. The prize giving will go ahead - but no european titles this year. The organisers have done everything expected of them ; unfortunately this championship will be remembered for lack of wind.

Longboards with 10.5/9.0 sail selection can cover all winds
very true.

although you can run formula racing in sub planing; it just totally sucks. Formula organisers insist on it being a minimum of (if I recall) 6 knots min wind speed average of 8 or something like that, with consistent wind direction.

In fact, I've raced boats where we could have protested the race committee when the wind swung so far that the upwind legs were layable in one hit; so it isn't only wind strength but also direction, and direction affects all classes.

The 49ers and Tornados claim I think a minimum wind strength of 6 knots to start, but they can race in less. The formula guys if they are serious about wanting olympic selection, need to prove that the class can still somehow drift around the course in sub 6. It is going to occur on some days for sure.
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