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Ian Fox
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Hi Henry,

Although the Kode122 is not a purpose design freestyle like the Flare series, one of the serious design/development criteria for the mid to large size KODEs was to deliver real freestyle/crossover potential into the new range - so how suitable the KODE is to your style of rinding would also (to some extent..) be influenced by the sort of tricks you would be looking to specialise in.

I'm no freestyler but the 122 is a plenty big enough board for me (~95kg) for freemove/B&J, in fact I would normally prefer a smaller size one like the 112 for more freemove type riding, so the 122 should be plenty big enough to give you any extra you require, while still feeling pretty "compact" underfoot, especially in the air etc.

Both the 112 and 122 sweetspot their sail size range around 7.3m,
so you're well in the zone there.

Cheers ~ Ian
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