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Hi Ian,

Thank you for your answer, I hope 2009 fins will give me (and also to a lot of other Isonic fans) a pleasant surprise.
I had just sold my beloved Is 87 to make room to the new 86 , this was the nicest board I had , I went to Jericoacoara 2 times (yeah!! , spectacular Hi-speed slalom at Jeri) and resisted another 2 trips to Cuesta del viento, one of the windiest places of the planet, an almost secret spot in the middle of the Andes.
Te 87 had a 32 cm drake fin that was too small for mi weight for medium winds and uncontrollable at high winds. I found the best results for this board with a 30cm Teconics goldwing for high winds and a 36 cm Mean Line -has a very narrow tip- for lighter winds (6.7 to 7.5).
In the other hand the 36 cm drake that I received with my old IS111 2007 is an impressive fin (I sold the board last year but not the fin) I used it on the 2008 model instead of the original and proved to be excellent for the new board in the "high range" (18 to 30 knots)

I promise to post mi impressions as soon as I receive and try my new boards by mid october.

Best regards
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