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Default E80 vsET87

Thanks for the prompt reply.I'm interested to hear how the 09 E80 has a bit more drive than the ET87. Would you say that is also true compared to previous years Evos? I've read that the 09 E70 is particularly drivey.

Here on the east coast of Australia we do sail bump and jump only when the wind direction is unsuitable for the ocean or the waves are tiny so the E80 with bigger fin sounds appropriate. However I look forward most to the side cross/off days with waves which are often gusty, sub planing but I'm fine once on a wave and would soon sacrifice B+J performance for DTL waveriding performance.I know that both the Evo and ET will do the job well. I would like to have an E80 and 90 but can't justify the cost so I'mbeginning to think the ET 87 might be th ebest compromise.
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