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Originally Posted by Ian Fox View Post

And yes, I agree, that some of the older generation production fins were not especially great at hi performance/hi load challenges..

However the iSonic fins for 2009 (retaining previous JJ Deboichet design - but updated for some constructional and process upgrades ) are normally doing pretty well in their test c/w some of the more exotic fins tested, and in some respects are quite good performance - even suprising us in testing.
Agree completely.

It seems that I am in the minority of sailors who really like iS stock fins. It's fair to say they are getting better each season compared to their first generation.

Yes I've tried Deb and Select and while they're high performing no compromise fins, I'm quite happy with overall performance of 40 & 46 that came with my iS122 (year 2008). Drake slalom Pro's give a bit softer ride, maybe a hair slower (I don't have gps data on this), but also more forgiving and less hammering through sharp chop.

Q for Ian:
I use my iS122 with 7.3 and 9.0 sails and stock fins 40+46 are generally good match for these sizes. I weigh 85 kg. However, if I wanted to wring the last bit of lightwind performance from a 9.0, would a Slalom Pro 50-52cm be a good size?
Similar question for the windier end of the range - stacked on a 7.3 in ugly chop. Basically, the conditions of 20+ knots when I should be on my Kombat 86, but the wind is full of lulls. I'm not sure some curvy slalom fins (36-38cm) are a good match with such a wide board? Maybe something like these: Select Devil Slam, Deboichet SL3, Tectonics F1 Falcon.


PS Carlos, sorry for hijacking the thread.

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