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Default RE: Front Foot Pressure

Hi Joe,
I'm not sure why you "want" more front foot pressure.
Are you trying to take some pressure off your rear leg?
Yes, I think for the max. performance moving all your footstraps as far outboard and back as possible, so try that first.
If you have too much back foot pressure you can change your boom height
and move the mast foot a bit more (just a bit) forward and perhaps move a little pressure off the rear leg.
Changing to a smaller fin can give you less rear foot pressure with better top speed and handling.
Learn to use your front foot to control the roll axis attitude of your board. Your front foot may be "loaded" but you may be pulling up rather than pushing across the board.
It almost seems you arn't getting all of your weight on the rig and this is
placing some weight on the rear foot that could be transferred up to the rig and forward as mas foot pressure to drive your board forward.
I'd really have to sail your exact setup to give you a more comprehensive answer than this.
Perhaps even a minor change in downhaul or outhaul could help your situation by moving the CE of your rig slightly.
Hope this helps,
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