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Try windspirit.

Originally Posted by Moebius View Post
Hi guys,

I recently tried out the new Futura in Aruba and thought it was awesome. I'm a Belgian exchange student, going to Kingston (Ontario) for the fall term. Because of the favorable currency, I would love to buy a kit there. Can you recommend any retailers/sites who deliver to Kingston?

Also, I remain a bit unsure about the type and volume. Can you please share your opinion?

- I've chosen Futura, because at the moment, I'm mostly into freeriding and this board felt the best. Furthermore, I believe it will also allow me to do some basic freestyle/wave surfing in bump and jump conditions or a light swell. (which you typically have in the North Sea)

- As for the volume, I was thinking of either 111 or 122. I'm a 67 kg sailer, 1.85m. I would like to be able to get some airtime, attain high speeds and enjoy early planing. In aruba, I mainly sailed the 133, which was fine for the moment, but felt a bit too large for the future.

FYI: I will match the sail with a Neil Pryde Expression 5.7 or 6.2.

Many thanks,

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