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Default futura 101 for isonic 101?

quiver: F155- isonic 125 - futura 101 - old tiga waveboard

Love my futura 101, but thinking of going 'full slalom', especially because of better upwind performance of the isonic and gliding through windholes with I need on my spot.

Would changing my futura 101 for an isonic 101 make a negative difference in my quiver in terms of

- planing abilities; isonic 101 vs futura? does the isonic 101 plane as early of later?
- sailsize? Do use the RS4 6.2 as a smallest for futura 101, RS4 7.2 and RS4 7.8 as biggest. Will the 6.2 work fine on the isonic 101?
- for RS Slalom 8.4 the isonic 125 is perfect (can also use the RS4 7.8 on the 125). Is the isonic 101 to close to the 125?


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