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Default Questions for Peter - West kirby

Hi Peter,
I was looking at some footage from the early 90's of you and Dave sailing at kirby in 65knots of wind... top effort.
What sort of speeds were you guys getting on that day? Was it too windy? Did you get better days than that during your competitions up there? Also, did you get the chance to sail the course on Port Tack? If so how would you compare that direction to sailing on the other tack in a west wind? Also any advice on going for top speeds at kirby in terms of stance and technique etc? And also for Karpathos?? And also what training would you recommend for a speedsailing event (beside sailing - I'm pretty fit and 6ft/82kgs) I've found using a weight jacket does not make much difference
Sorry for so many questions!!! But I've just started getting into training for the Karpathos event next year so any advice would be welcome.
I'm a pretty technical sailor and know my stuff. P.B's at Kirby for me are max GPS of 44.5 knots, 250m of 41.7knots and average 5x10 sec runs of 41.2 knots (Thommen SR50/Tush X15 5.2)
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