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Originally Posted by Ola_H View Post

But as you say, the EVOs can be a handful when it gets windy and then you can no longer access the nice turning. They can also be difficult in the top turn if you come in with a lot of speed. The way to handle this, as you have noted, is to sacrifice some volume.

Then one option is to try the EVO 80 xtv. It has changed quite significantly since 05 with both a bit sharper feel and significantly better high wind and fast riding speed performance. It is still about as wide, but it has a new rocker and v and thinner rails. Maybe it will work.

There is also the Evil Twin 80. Despite being as wide as the EVO 80 most people think it rides smaller, especially on the wave. This is both due to a narrower tail and due to the twin fin concept itself which makes it easier to bury the rail. The Evil Twin feels very similar to the EVO on the wave, but the top turn is looser.
I currently have the evo 08 80XTV and the evo 06 74 because of the issue you discribe; the evo 80 is great but when it gets really windy the evo 74 is so much easier and snappier to go to the lip, on the otherhand mostly i need the float to get through the dutch norhtsea breaks with my 83Kg's. Based on your comments; will the evil twin 80 give me the float of the evo 80 and the highwind waveriding performance of the evo 74? I can finally go for the 1 board option....

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