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"Go ahead, chase your foolish Olympic revenue, those "champions" who are so unidiminesional as to be painful media interests".

Well, that's totally wrong for a start. The mass media have no problem with one-design champions. That's why the Greeks put an IMCO champion at the very centrepoint of the 2000 Games, lighting the Olympic flame. That's why Lee Lai Shan was the favourite sportstar of young women in her country. That's why Barbara Kendall was rated by a major poll in her country's 10 most trusted people.

How many other windsurfers get to be at centre stage of one of the highest-rating bits of TV every four years?

How many other windsurfers rate top 10 among the icons of their whole country?

Do you really think there's a lot more media interest in someone who spends their time working out whether to buy one brand of fin or the other?

If greater choice in equipment creates more interesting sailors, then Formula - which restricts choice of equipment far more than most boat classes - will create less interesting characters than yachts.

If you want to chase diversity and excellence of design, free the rules and allow true development. If you want to allow people from all countries and economic backgrounds to have the chance to excel, go one design. If you want something in the middle, do what you do - which is, by coincidence, just what the marketing people in charge of the sport want you to want.
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