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Default Upwind without centerboard

Hi Roger,

Could you describe the upwind techniques used in non-planning conditions on boards without centerboards? I've tried going upwind with the centerboard raised on my current board, but it didn't work very well.

I'm currently using a Mistral NTrance (specs below) that has served me really well particularly in light and variable wind conditions which unfortunately is common around here. However, I can't help but want to get planning earlier and wonder if a board like the Go 155 would help with this? How does the Go 155 perform in non-planning conditions? Would I have trouble slogging upwind without a centerboard? I'm presently using the centerboard fairly regularly upwind.

Mistral NTrance
Length: 280 cm
Width: 80 cm
Volume: 200 L
Fin: G-Sport Driver 60, Curtis CR-12 51
Sails: Retro 9.5, NP Solo 7.0
Sailor 6'1", 195 lbs

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