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Default Kode 86 & 74 or Kode 80

I'm 74 kg and a competent wavesailor & freestyler.
I'm having trouble deciding which Kode(s) to get. I'm not sure whether to get a 86 Kode to cover light wind waves&freestyle plus a 74 Kode for windier days or just go an 80 Kode as potentially a one board solution.

I used to ride a 95kombat and 74 evo and got stuck with a big gap where 95kombat too big in waves but not windy enough for 74 evo. Bit worried might have same problem with 86 and 74 Kode.

I've tried 86 in waves & freestyle. It's excellent for freestyle & a damn good board in waves but for my weight does feel a tad big. I think the principle that I keep defaulting back to is to try and get away with smallest board possible for light wind days (to ensure good wave performance) but still have enough float to get out through the break.

I used to ride a 77 fanatic freewave and this was just a bit too small for light wind days. Thinking 80 Kode could just provide me enough float and be a good freestyle platform. I tend to not ride bigger than 5.3. At my weight can plane with 5.3 in about 16+ knots. Below that I'm not interested except for waveriding. So is the 80 Kode small for its size (i.e. more equivalent to 77l) or a potentially good one board solution (espec. with smaller fin for windy days)?

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