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Default Evil Twin - The death of the Evo?

After reading alot of forums, tests etc it seems that single fin waveboards will soon be nothing but a memory.....Everybody is calling it a revolution and that twin-fins are basically better at everything for e.g. onshore wavesailing. Is this really a fact or a major marketing stunt? Previously the Evo has been the #1 choice for onshore wavesailing but now it seems that the ET or some other twinfin is the way to go, or?

Why should I be getting an an Evo instead of an Evil Twin? What are the benefits of an Evo compared to an ET? I sail on the westcoast of Sweden 1-3m x-on sailing and am strongly focused on frontside riding. I currently sail the Evo74 2006 but am considering updating to a newer Evo or an ET/twinfin (?).
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