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I don't think that will happen, ie that single fin wave boards will disappear. I agree there are some very interesting aspects in twin fin designs though. And since I got my Evil Twin it has easily been my mostly used board. But there is clearly a certain novelty factor in there. Partly, some of it comes from many that many people have been riding rather similar fast rockered trad type wave boards for long. When you go from that to a twin (pretty much any one of them) you will be blow away by some aspects of it and _because_ its a twin (and hence expected to be different) some you are likely to "forgive" some other things that may not be as good as your regular board. So, twin fin boards does a great job of opening up peoples minds. The EVO did that to when its was new, but there was always a group of people that didn't like it because it did not provide a radical enough feel for them.

So, my (personal) expectation is that this will influence the single fins too and that some sailors will sail twins for a while and then go forward to a "new type of single". Some will stay with twinsers of course.

When talking specifically about the EVO, I still think its a valid option for a maximum range board where range is both measured in wind strength and in wave riding speed (ie wave type and quality) and its in a way closer to the "twin fin feel" than most other twin fins by already being very turny and loose. As I wrote above, I've spent more time on my ET74 this summer than on my other boards combined. But when I took out the EVO 70 a week ago, I was blow away by its smoothness and the new "style" I've gotten from riding twinsers was rather easily incorporated in the EVO ride too. You don't get that "twin fin top turn feel", but with some more precision put into the top turn setup you can pull the same move off anyway. The next session I was back on the ET, and loved it but if I could only keep one of them it would have to be the EVO 70 for its range and amazing level of refinement.

But I really look forward to how twin fins in general will develop. And how different brand will niche their single fins.

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