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So why do I think we have come up with a board better than the other manufacture's
well, this is because as always we've tried to make a board suit as many conditions as paossible, with a major objective being automated performance built into a board for how it responds to situations.

ie. When you place your rail into the wave how is it it going to carve around. when you hit the lip, does the tail want to project and release.
The parallel mid section is for when you weight the front foot and put pressure on this section of the board when driving through an onshore bottom turn. (ie clew out onshore riding )

Obviously I have read the report placed by Board seeker magazine. This was a most confusing piece of literature.

The part about onshore drive ad the clew first bottom turn was particularly amusing.

Ben Severne actually tested the Evil twin 80 against all the other brands in Tenerife which are exactly these conditions. He wrote back frothing how ell the board maintained onshore drive whilst being incredibly loose. The ultimate paradox.

In these conditions the critical factors are DRIVE through the extended bottom turn and then positive loose reaction with the lip, (Hip between the feet when weight and pressure is rocked back to outline curve between the feet, resulting in the tightest full rail driven turn of any board I have ridden.

Comment was made about the tail width being so much wider than the other boards in the test. What keeps a board moving through fatter sections of waves and maintains drive through longer drawn clew first bottom turn. I think you might find tail width. The longer chord width (Wide base fins) are also incorporated to enhance drive, good lift for upwind performance and a positive straight line planning feel.

I found the narrower chord fins way too skittish and prone to spin out when I tested them, and donít find the board particularly sticky, with the performance benefits being very clear.

I would also like to add that so far out of all the boards I have designed over the last twenty years, this is clearly my favorite so far, suitable in the broadest range of conditions I have ever been able to come up with.

to quote Jimmy Hendrix. (RE test reports) You can't believe everything see and hear. Can yoooouuuuuuu

regards scott mckercher
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