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Default RE: Sail quiver: One or more manufacturers?

Hi Thomas,

Of course it makes a lot of sense to stick to one manufacturer. You can then be relatively sure, exceptions exists, that your masts will fit all your sails. And rigging is likely to be consistent, but not even that is sure.

If you pick sails from several manufacturers it makes sense to choose them so that they all rig well on masts with the same bendcurve.

Personally, having only once bought a complete set of sails, I have chosen different brands at different times (Tushingham, Sailworks, Simmer, NP) and for different reasons.
Tush Storm 4.0: I needed a small sail that fits a boom with min length of 160.
NP NR-Wave 4.5: got it cheap as it is a pre-production sail.
Sailworks Revo 5.0: at hat time I had more of them
Simmer Crossover 5.7: I already had two Simmer sails I like very much
NP Search 6.2: As I am heavy I wanted the most powerful big wavesail (and I liked my old NR-Wave 6.2 very much, in hindsight more in fact)
Simmer ZeroSeven 7.0 and 9.0: I wanted a big camless sail with lots of range, and also a brand that is unusual on my home beach.

However, the thing that keeps this quiver together is that they all rig well on Powerex masts (one mast brand, 4 sail brands...).
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