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hi roger,
having mastered the chop hop while freeriding and extended it to 10 ft jumps off about-to-break waves and the occasional BIG piece of chop, what next? i can carve jibe at a rate of 50% (which is not bad considering the MASSIVE chop i sail in) , so i need to improve that, ok.
conditions: south sri lanka, indian ocean: onshore/ chop after the breaking-scary waves/ gusty/ from 13 to 18 knots normally
equipment: mistral explosion freeride 144 lt, 5.5/6/6.4/7 sails
me: 1.74 metres, 66 kilos
how far can i push a 144 litre board? (ok, i know naish and co. looped oiltankers, but...), have i already reached the limit of a board like this? or should i push more? i.e. learn the forward on it maybe? what is the (realistic for us mortals) limit of a board like this? maybe comnparable to a carve 145?
when it is around 20 kts or more i suppose i do really well, imho, to control the gear and it's a good adrenaline rush and exercise to sail overpowered over severe chop, BUT, the majority of the days it's not 18 kts, maybe 14/15 so what kind of size, bump and jump at this point i suppose, board could i use? what board will handle big chop at 20 kts and over for me and still be uphaulable in emergency?(as i'm the only one w/surfing here so if the wind drops i can sail back)
my target is b&j, fast freeride, maybe a little wave sailing when i go in and out in these onshore conditions, learn the loops and different jibes, i dont like freestyle (for the moment LOL)
thanks for being always nice to us, i don't often post, but i read the forum daily.
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