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Hi Ola,

Im still undecided wether to buy an evo 70 (08 or 09) or the evil twin (or maybe the rrd twinser?). I love my evo 74 but its often to floaty for me at 75 kg. Ive read the concerning threads in the boards uk forum and the boardseekersmag test on twinsers.

First I would like to know why starboard has changed the evo 70 from 07 into the evo 70 08 to change it again in 09 to nearly the same shape from 07 again? confused.

Further you said that the evil twin 74 is developed from the evo 70 08. Is that right.

Is it just about try and error or is it just marketing?

Im asking that because I get a good priced evo 70 wood 08 here in Germany. Seems that the 09 starboard models will double that price in wood carbon.

I dont have the opportunity to try any twinsers/evos before buying so mag tests and what people tell about in the forums will influence my choice.

The rrd twin 82 seems to rip best in onshore conditions. Can you transfer the test results in the boardseekersmag to the smaller 70 litres versions?

Sorry for the confusion! Thanks for your reply

Cheers Karl
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