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Hi Mondy,
At 66 kg. (145.5 lbs) you could most likely uphaul a 90-100 liter board.
Something smaller (or maybe 2 smaller boards) would allow you to jump higher,
handle the chop better, and give you the maneuverabilty to do alot more on the
wave faces.
Have you learned to water start already? Sounds like you have and only need the
uphaulability for times when your wind drops to sub planing and sub waterstarting....
Uphauling a 96 liter (Trance/Kombat/Kode) is quite possible as I can do it on this volume and I've had experience on the Trance and Kombat (don't have a Kode yet) and I'm at least 10 kg. heavier.
I think you will find a board in the 90-100 liter range will get you planing in 14 knots with good technique on a Free Race or Free ride 5.5 m2 rig.
Then you can begin to work on loops.
Hope this helps,
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