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Hi Roger,

Thanks for the warning, I'll make sure I dont take out the larger sail if the surfs up and just save for a smaller wave sail later on, as I sail mainly at a lake at the moment. I know what you mean about the size of the board, though I'm not good enough to go out in waves at the moment, just trying to plan for the future.

As for the mast choice the 75% 460 is bang in IMCS range for the 6.5m T3 (at 25) and still in range but at the lower end for the 8.0m T3 (which is IMCS 25-29). Would I be able to use the 460 with an extension for the 8.0m (35cm required) and what sort of effect will this have on performance? Also How large an extension should I use and how much should be left in the mast? Could I damage the mast this way, it seems like a lot of extension?

Of course rideally I should get the exact appropriate mast for the sail or vice versa, but its good to know how these things can be stretched safetly to get good kit on a budget.

I'm hoping to end with 3 sails and 2 masts to cover most things whilst I'm progressing.

Many thanks,
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