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Wanted - Pure Evil

Well, I got my first twinfin about the same time as OlaH received his ET 74. Mine is a MooCustom, 88 liters, 58.5 wide and with an outline similar to RRD WaveCult, with width and thickness to spare around the straps. However, the rocker curve is a fair bit faster, so it planes really early and in a straight line, it's surprisingly FSW-ish in feel. However, it turns on a dime.
So, where am I going with this?
Well - thing is, I don't like the Evo feel. Of course, I haven't tried the XTV ones, so I might feel differently now, especially after sailing my twinfin. However, my all-time favourite singlefin board is the 2006 PureAcid. It's an amazing board, that carries 3.7 to 5.3 really comfortably and even can take a 5.7 with a larger fin if needed on travels. It's early to plane for a 73 liter board and the onshore performance is well above what's quoted in some tests, once you get to know the board. The only thing missing is the ability to make that magnificently tight topturn in onshore conditions without stalling. Even having ordered a new custom 75 liter twin I'm unwilling to part with my Acid. I've even started taking price offers for converting it to a twin, but I'm worried it may spoil it.

Well, you can see where I'm going with this - if the Evil Twin is the best twinfin for Evo addicts, when will you release a fast-rockered Pure Evil?
A Kode on steroids, if you will. I'm pretty sure it would rock!
Pleeeeeease :-)
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