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Hi Marek,
Since you can obviously get into all 4 outboard straps on the F-Type, I'd suggest putting the straps on your Carve 111 in the most outboard and back positions.
Yes, there will be a short "learning curve" until your muscle memory figures out that the straps aren't in the ususal F Type positions, but that shouldn't take but a few runs.
Probably the biggest "adjustment" you face is learning to stay off the fin until you have the requisite speed for the fin to really "hook up" and be able to withstand more side pressure.
If you can find one, get an oversized slalom/race type vertical pointer fin for the Carve 111. I'd think something in the 38-46 range would work as a "transition fin" and also help to get you planing alot sooner.
What fin are you currently using in your C-111?
Hope this helps,
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