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Roger, the board came with a larger than standard fin, Drake Freeride 380.
I have my straps set in middle position:

I was able to get into both straps a couple of times, but it requires quite a lot of wind. I was thinking by moving back strap more inboard I could get into both straps quicker. Generally I don't feel comfortable until in both footstraps - then I can correct my stance and start working on the upwind progress. It seems I either do something wrong or I really need a decent speed to start getting into back footstrap.

When in both straps it was great, however I caught a spinout a few times (admittedly though I was trying to get upwind heavily as I lost ground before to get on plane - which follows the same pattern as with F-type at the beginning).

Generally my biggest problems with C-111 are:
- to quickly get on plane, into straps and make upwind progress
- to uphaul (the board is sinking, I am ~85kg) - I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten 122 instead of 111
- to tack (I don't even think about jibing)

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