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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Hi Marek,
OK, let's back up a bit here.
What is the wind speed when you are trying to sail you Carve 111?
What sail size are you using?
What is "downwind" that makes you so focused on sailing upwind as soon as possible?
Why are you not jibing the Carve 111? (Assuming that you are jibing the F-Type).
I think you sail on a small lake, right?
What size is your "oversize" fin. Is it a vertical pointer or a curvy freeride fin?
Hi Roger.

Thanks for your quality response.

That other day I sailed my C111 I can tell you exactly the wind speed as there was a guy with a meter - it was 15 knots (probably more in the gusts) and I was on my 7.5 3-cam, free-race Gaastra GTX (mast foot all the way forward minus 1 cm - perhaps that was the problem).

The fin is 380 Drake Freeride (curvy).

This is a small, round lake (so at every "unsuccessful" run I'm left with less and less space until I have to do walk of shame). I seem to loose most of the ground by trying to get on plane (when I have to go downwind in the gust, pump a bit and see if I can get on plane).

I'm not all that great with jibing on my F-type so I don't even try to jibe on C-111 (perhaps I should ). Tacking is obviously ok on FT and seems impossible to me on C-111.
Also, my back foot rises fountains of water when I try to enter the back footstrap which does not help, neither.

In overall C-111 feels great when on plane in both footstraps (it just slides through chop so safely, comparing to FT which is a tough ride at higher speeds and chop), but general handling is very difficult to me (uphauling, getting into the back FS, tacking).
Also, comparing to other boards I tried I don't have problems with rounding up on this board.


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