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Default Learning FW - Smaller sail/fin for hi winds and chop

Hi All,

I'm thinking in to give a try to Formula, I am attracted by upwind/downwind sailing, laylines game and tactics, but of course also like to increase number of planing days. So my idea was to buy a 2nd hand FW board and rig, probably not bigger than 9.8 just to start with. I doubt I would end up racing seriously but probably join training of other FW guys if any fleet is nearby.

The point behind my question is that I would probably leave equipment in a club where only one board will be allowed.

Do you think that without no experience in the "BIG KIT" I could alternatively sail the FW board WITH A SMALLER SAIL (say 7.5m2) and a smaller fin in medium-high wind days (15kts + ) and considerable chop?
Of course, in those conditions and with this smaller kit I wouldn't expect performance nor good angles, just not shit pants and enjoy a little bit those days until I dare with real FW sizes.

I have sailed for several years shortboards in high winds but it scares me a little bit the idea of holding a 9 meter sail and suchbig volume boards in higher winds and what sounds worse, considerable chop or wind waves. I am 1'82m tall and around 80kg

Thank you in advance for any help on this.


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