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Hi o2bnme,
Hmmmm.... you leave your sails with the mast in, but without any outhaul when you hang them in the shade in Maine?
That would seem to me to be very hard on the mast and the sail.
Even if you release the downhaul pressure you still have some residual bend in the mast and the front of the battens is going to be pushing ou the front of the luff sleeve. This is very hard on the sail.
The mast is going to "take a set" and be permanently "bent" over time.
The luff sleeve of your sails is going to be "stretched"by the front of the battens pushing out the front.
I know having your rigs "ready to go" at a moments notice is very attractive here, but long term damage to both the mast and the sail is probably going to be the price you pay in the long term.
It only take me < 4-5 min. to rig a Hucker from scratch (maybe less, I&#39;ll have to time myself) and it gives me the ability to select the mast that&#39;s going to be best for the current conditions since Huckers give me the ability to change their "characteristics" so much depending on what mast I use.
Hope this helps,
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