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Default Mast foot position

Hi Roger.

Great to read your posts in the morning .

As far as the mast foot is concerned here is some information which setup I use and why.

- 9.8: all the way forward minus 1 cm
- 7.5: all the way back + 1 cm

7.5: all the way forward minus 1 cm
6.0: middle

- Generally my logic is that max. sail size for a given board requires max. forward position in the mast foot (MF), and minimal sail size requires max. backward position.
Seems that this logic is wrong, no? ;-).

Additionally to that:
- I set the MF on C-111 so much forward to prevent it from rounding up when I have 7.5 (but I could work on that)
- FT with 9.8 and my MF setup feels most comfortable in tougher conditions (perhaps in lighter winds I could move it backwards, but I've heard somewhere, that in very light winds it is good to have it forward a bit to increase MFP). Generally I think I could use any setup with my FT since I feel comfortable on it - please advice.

I seem to be lost on which MF setup to use with my 2 boards and 3 sails:

FT-148: 7.5, 9.8 (plus what to do when under/overpowered)
Carve-111: 6.0, 7.5(plus what to do when under/overpowered)

Can you help?


P.S. Of course I remember you were advising to move MF all the way back and move it forward gradually until the board stops tailwalking, but can you at least give me your idea on how the MF should be set in the above combinations? (because it is not very easy for me to decide when the board is both easy to plane and under good control at the same time)

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