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Marc, thanks to the width of the FW board anyone can start with it as a beginner board
in light/moderate wind conditions just by choosing appropriate fin/sail size, I know plenty of people just jumped on it after learning basics. The only real issue is durability, since it's carbon and more frigile, but using nose guard could solve problem and being more carefull on land. Not sure about videos, riding board more on the outside so you can
counter-balance the large fin/sail is the main diff, plus when jibing step over center line, and it's a wide step Try to find people in your area that use FW, most windsurfers
are super friendly and eger to help with technique tip
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Hi Sergio,

thank you very much for your answer. As I understand I will be able to learn FW and still enjoy (or increase scare factor) resorting to somewhat smaller sail/fin, but with the same single board. No need to start with free formula, isn't it?

By the way, you or anybody else could recommend any resources (web, book, video ...) to help in learning in Formula Windsurf?

Thanks a lot and best regards

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