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Hi Post 13.

All windsurfing surely is windsurfing at its finest , but windsurfers have themselves chosen that planing hulls without daggerboards is what most of of them want to windsurf with nowadays.
That is what all sales statistics clearly states, concerning the industry numbers.

Further ,FW is the largest windsurfing class today ,thus its quite fair to have similar equipment represented in the Olympics.

We have seen daggerboard boards in the Games since 1984. It would be refreshing to see what the majority of current racers race on , also being also used in the Games.

I believe that there is a good chance that long boards and light winds sailing will come back, ( we had some great fun in 2 knots on some new equipment today) so what we are proposing is a reflection of the current status, instead of the past,, but yet accept that the future quite possible will be different again.

Most racers are competing on FW boards today and this is not what a manufacturer is saying , but what the different class statistics prove.
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