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svein i dont know what the rest of the worlds statistics are like but if you go to the UK windsurfing association results page-

You can look for yourself as to the participation in the various fleets.

In the UK 2 things are clear.

1 Formula type boards ( or planing only racing boards) are NOT the most popular type of racing board. Daggerboard windsurfers are the most popular- by FAR. ( all this when there havnt even been any longboards commercially available for several years- My 15 year old Cat is worth 600..........)

2 These national events are racing in the uk for formula. Formula does not have any local or regional represantation at all in the uk. Boards with daggerboards do have some regional and local racing( but not much) Furthermore Formula stand NO CHANCE of developing local or regional racing because nobody want to sail with huge sails and from a club context the most important thing about a wednesday evening race is that when you make the effort to turn up, you actually race as opposed to twiddle your thumbs if the wind is light.

Formula has NOT proven itself to be a popular racing class in the UK in terms of participation, and the uk is a relatively windy place.

I think you are making a mistake with this initiative.
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