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Nice that your getting some waves on the K96. Even though I'm spoiled when it comes to wave boards I still find the Kombat (87 in my case now) a real wave board indeed.

As for the sizing and advice given, as I said, its kind an academis diskussion now, but I dind't write that width is totally irrelevant. But I would still easily say that the "size advice" you can get from people with real experience on a given board beats an estimate based on widths. I agree, my apples and oranges was maybe extreme, but I also have examples from the other end of the spectrum. For example I rode protos for the PA 74 which were close to 2cm apart in width but sailed identically when it comes to things like sail size spectrum and general "size feel". These boards even had the exact same rocker and v. The interesting thing is that he two PA74s were designed to handle the same spectrum and they did - regardless of their widths. If another shaper used widths as as guideline and designed boards with 2cm width diffeerence to really perform differently, then they would. But, if you haven't riddent the boards or don't know how they are designed, you have very little chance of nailing their performance using a number (like width). And if you compare EVOs and Kombats, I would say my K87 handles bigger sails easier than my E80. More so than the 0.5 cm width difference would indicate.

So, while width may be as good or better than any other single number extracted from the board measurements the margin of error is still very large. And I don't dispute the trend - rather I think it is in fact just that - a trend. I can go deeper into this if you're interested (but won't do it in this point in case you're not)

In any case, my experience on the K87 is still that it handles a 6.3 beautifully at my weight and it will not exactly be any worse at a few kilos lighter. The published ranges are generally a big conservative for a sub 70kg rider. But again, as I also said in my originalt post, If you do want to either have some more reserve volume for "safety" or want to optimize your Kombat for bigger sails the K97 is a good choice and I agree it will handle lulls with a 6.5 a tad better than the 87 (but the difference is actually not that big if you're light).

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