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Steve: If you include RSX in "raceboards", then how there is any evidence for the claim that the best FW sailors are that much better than the RSXers? Without evidence, what use is the opinion of those who don't race either or both the world's best FW or RSX sailors?

At the last RSX worlds, the former FW World Champ and current Euro FW champ was 48th, with a best heat of 10th. He's been sailng RSX since 2006. The women's world FW champ came from Raceboards (IMCOs) and does much better on FW than RSX or IMCO. Julien Quental was 2nd in the FW worlds, did the RSX worlds but didnít do as well.

God knows how anyone could assess who is better, but on the results, the number of people in the classes, (242 entries in the Garda RSX worlds), the number of pros and the number of pro coaches, sports institutes etc, it's hard to see how the brilliant FW sailors are (as you claim) much better than the brilliant RSX sailors. The Olympics are (perhaps with the exception of the football World Cup) the greatest sporting competition in the world, why would Olympic windsurfers be inferior?

Column inches in mags and websites are not exactly good barometers of ability, being related to the interests of those advertisers who sponsor the sailors.

I don't think any OD fan here has been derogatory towards FW all flows one way. Both classes can surely boast brilliant sailors with different strengths, but only one of them seems to boast here that their heroes are the best.

Hey unregistered, if the true test of a sailor was learning how to mix different gear, why restrict boards to production boards like FW does?

Maybe thereís more than one test of a sailor? Maybe learning how to get the best of identical gear is an equally valid test? Sure, OD is less of a test of gear selection on one hand, but on the other hand having to use the same gear doesnít allow you to cover over your weaknesses by getting different stuff.
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