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I appreciate your posts, U249 and 249, documented and clarifying.
Personaly having experienced all the aspects of our sport, I still love all of them, and I jump, usualy by renting one, on a slalom, FW or wave board, as soon as I can and when the conditions are good .
But my next buy will be a Raceboard and, or Hybrid as I want to sail anytime when I am free, and I love it with any wind or sea; these boards are greatly fun, also in strong wind and waves, they are not made just for 1 to 6 knots wind!
Also I am a little fed up of the just cross-wind sailing, and have a great nostalgy of the cruising time of the 80's, and of the regattas on triangle course.
I have a dream for the selection of the next OD for the Olympics:
First I hope the triangle course will stay a must: it is the historic sailing course, and the winner on it is the best sailing machine of the time.
I dream of several candidatures for the next OG, including Raceboards, Hybrids, Formulas and any other new concept.
The selection should be made through several places in the world, rassembling at least one of each candidate.
Each place would have to organize and retain 12 days (for exemple) of race in a year, 4 starts each day, one discard.
The rule will be to have 3 days with wind between 0-10 kn wind, 3 days in 8-18 kn wind, 3 days in 16 - 26 Kn, 3 days in 24 - 34 kn.
(This rule may obliged to organize more than 12 race a year to get the wind quotas.)

At the end we will know (if the mags cover the events...) which candidate, and which concept is the best sailing machine any wind and seas combined.

This board and concept will be the best offer to the OG (if there is only one place offered), and will have a great commercial market: hundreds of thousands of customers are waiting to know which kind of board is the best to sail any day, any where.

An other point: There is an obstacle to the promotion of the daggerboards models: it is the difficulty to built it, light and reliable.
This difficulty makes these boards less profitable to trade than the planning boards.
Maybe this explain why during these last 15 years the mags, and the companies who buy pages inside, tried to convince everyone that the short boards were the most popular boards, and the only fun to sail.
So popular that we have lost 4 out of 5 customers!
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