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Default RE: Evo for bump n' jump

Steve is right, I love the EVOs myself and if I had to sell all my board and only keep, say, 3, I would keep three EVOs. That said, with your conditions, if your not totally dedicated towards wave riding (which I am) I think and Pure Acid or Kombat would be a better choice. Don't be fooled by their appearance - they are not at all traditional but rather super modern fast wave boards. No doubt an EVO will let you rip frontside turns in your conditions better than anything, but it is less natural in a straightline. This can be tuned with a bigger fin, but Pure Acids and Kombats turns beatifully too and are VERY natural in any kind of B&J setting. It is however a bit difficult to predict how you will appreciate the different boards since your current board is so differnt from any modenr board. I can go deeper into how the different boards ride if you want to. Regarding control in high wind they handle this in different ways, but thay all handle it well. For example, I have no heistations whatsoever to use my EVO 70 in powered up 3.5 conditions (and I'm 69kg)

4.0 to 5.7 is a pretty big span of sails as Steve writes and regardless of which board you chooses you should come back and ask for some advice on extra fins. At 168 lbs I think you will be looking at EVO 74 (or possibly 80), PA 80 or Kombat 79. If you're willing to sacrifice a fair bit of 5.7 performance you can go for the EVO 70 (or 74) or PA 74.

My guess however, is that a Kombat 79 is the safest bet. The Kombats are simply amazing all round boards and are super nice in waves too.
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