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Marc C
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Hi Sean and all,

thanks for your feedback. Now I am really eager to try FW and know what kind of board to look for in 2nd hand market (where is very easy to make the get something you don't expect). The rig/fin size point is very important for me since now I know current equipment or new investement in this direction can also be used irrespective of my success in FW.

If begginers jump to it soon it must be less scary that what it seems in hi winds. I have to demo one on a solid F4 day and go ahead.

Regarding carbonsugar, I know your web! It's very INSPIRING and now even I will appreciate it more knowing that you also care for newcomers to FW, not only pros or consolidated FW sailors

I had heard about ProSecrets but only seen a trailer (yes I remember seeing a jibe in FW equipment) It may come later

Thank a lot!

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