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Hi o2bnme,
I got some VERY quality time on the 6.6 Hucker proto and the'07 Isonic 101 this afternoon at the Canadian Hole.
In one word, both were "AWESOME"!
Think I was the fast guy as I passed everyone I saw, and didn't see anyone gaining or passing me.
What an incredible range this sail and board have!
Wind was from the straight west and really up and down (not gusty, just sub planing for a while, then increasing until I was ripping, then dying off to sub planing again).
Rigged for a bit more wind at first, then when I got out there I backed off the downhaul and outhaul until the sail was tuned to the mark on a new version Powerex Z-Speed 460.
Tangent 32 cm Reaper weedfin was perfect, right on the verge of letting go alot of the time, but more and more "solid" as the speed increased.
I cannot believe I was powered up on a 6.6 m2 rig and 101 liter board in only about 10-14 knots of wind.
at first the 6.6 Hucker was a little underpowered for the windspeeds, but real slippery and easy to handle when the wind came up.
After the adjustment of the downhaul and outhaul the Hucker pulled like a tugboat to get on plane, but had really good speed once on plane and the apparent wind kicked in.
I had a positively outstanding sesh!
Hope this helps,
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