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Hi again o2bnme,
Next time you have a "straight mast" in your sail, hanging up by the ends or laying on the graound, take a look at the way the battens and the luf sleeve "push forward" (trying to match a bent mast shape).
There will be some really odd "wrinkles" in the monofilm or X ply panels as the battens are positioned in the sail so that the front of the battens follows the curve of the front of the luff sleeve.
On a reasonably tight sleeved sail (like the Retro or Hucker) the tendancy for the front of the battens to try to "poke through" the front of the luff sleeve will cause the panels to be tensioned at an angle (as there is no curvature in the luff sleeve since the mast is basically straight).
I don't think this is very good for the sail and could cause premature wear and tear of the luff sleeve, and the front of the batten pocket nylon reinforcement.
Hope this helps,
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