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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Hi Marek,
I do not understand the "width <= 80 cm rule" for your races.
Never heard of anything like that before.
Are you saying that the sailors at the front of the fleet are on 80 cm wide shortboards, but are not planing at all, but beating you on your F-Type?
This is very puzzling to me?
They limit board's width on this regatta to prevent people with large, expensive Formula kits to outperform the regular freeride crowd. They also limit the sail size to 10.0.
Anyhow, the winners are usually guys with tons of skills on some random gear, smaller sails (and usually small, freeride or freestyle boards) or they even come without their own gear and borrow some just before the regatta and still beat everybody off. They start well, quickly get on plane with pumping and stay ahead of the crowd all the time...

Originally Posted by Roger View Post
If the bouys are truly "across the wind" and you are on a beam reach (about the same as most "back and forth" windsurfing) I would think you would be doing quite a bit better on the F-Type and perhaps this is why they don't allow wider or formula type boards.
This is "across the wind" race just like you said (however the wind is pretty shifty and often you are more on a close reach than on the beam reach).

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