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Hi Marek,
Hmmm.... maybe you better not get alot better.
They are letting you sail your "sorta" formula board (the F Type) very graciously, and as soon as your skills improve and you start moving up in the fleet, they may become a bit
less "gracious".
But I still fail to see how smaller narrower boards are sailing away from you.
Have you ever considered that your F-Type, once planing, will pretty much leave smaller narrower boards (except maybe the Hypersonic and Isonics) (esp. Freeride and freestyle boards) in your wake upwind.
You are close to the max. sail size, so unless you have some rigging issues, I would expect you to move toward the front of the fleet pretty quickly as your skills and tactics improve.
Gotta get beyond your fear of heading off downwind a little to lite up your boards.
Can't do much in slog mode, but slog.
Get the board planing and you can go much higher and faster.
Hope this helps,
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