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Default RE: changing footstrap positions

Hi Rob,
You can fix that "partially stripped" or cracked insert quite easily.
Get a Permatex or Lock-Tite Stripped Thread Repair Kit"
Here's a link:
Simply coat a new footstrap screw with the blue "release agent" that comes in the kit, then mix up a little of the 2 part epoxy thread reapir
compound, push the compound down into your stripped or cracked FS insert hole with a tooth pick or other suitable small round tool.
Put enough compound in so it looks like the damaged hole will "overflow" slightly when you screw the blue release agent coated screw into the hole.
Install the screw into the compound filled hole slightly further than it would go with the foostrap webbing, the anti-twist device, and any washers you use under the head.
Let the compound set up.
Remove the screw, countersink the hole slightly to remove any "compound overflow" and you'll have a nicely repaired FS screw
insert that has very nearly as great a "pull out strength" and torque retention value as a brand new insert.
It's good stuff to have in your repair kit.
Fixes stripped fn screw barrel nuts or threads in the head of fins (like Tectonics does), loose fin screw barrel nuts, stripped vent plug threads and stripped footstrap screw inserts.
Hope this helps,
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