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Hallo Remi,

As the owner of an iSonic 111 2007 and mainly sailing it with a 7.8 m2 at 78 kg can you help me with making a dicision for a 2009 model?
What are the differences, at my weight, between the 2009 iS 111 and the iS 122?
At only 4 liters volume difference how do the behave at early planing, topspeed and in overpowerd conditions . My impression of the 2007 iS 111, I like the board, it's not realy early planing and needs a lot of power in my back leg overpowered to conrole it.
My other board is a 91 liter Falcon and the sailsizes are 7.0 and 6.3.

Thank you for an answer.

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