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Marc C,

Been busy and haven't been back to the website till now. I mostly sail in lakes in north Texas. However, I sail / race in the bay at Corpus Christi and Galveston bay near Houston. Chop can get really big with the waves close together because of the shallow water. 1 to 1.5 meter chop isn't unusual when it is blowing 20 + knots. The waves and chop in deeper water is actually easier to manage since the waves are further apart

The boards can do very well in the rough water as your skills and confidence improve. One word of caution. You will likely get tossed over the the front of your board and slam your mast into the nose while you are learning to run deep down wind in winds over 15 knots, then 20, etc. I have never broken the nose of my board, but I certainly put some pretty good dents in them. I did this on the F175 and the F147, but since I have had the F160, no more nose dings.

As mentioned above, the F-type boards are a good alternative if you can find one.

Good luck

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