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Default RE: Sail quiver: One or more manufacturers?

I'm in the process of replacing my whole quiver too. My 9.8 V8 is the only sail that I'm keeping.

I'm getting Sailworks because I trust the brand. I'm not saying I don't trust other brands, mind you.

I'll get an 8.0 Retro to fill out my lght wind needs. I'm interested in trying out a large sail that doesn't rely on cambers.

Below that, I'll get a series of Huckers (6.6, 5.6, 4.8). I already have the 4.8. I like to keep the sail model the same in smaller sails because it is easier to pick a sail, IMO.

I do make sure I buy sails that will work well with my masts (or masts for my sails depending on the order of purchases).

I do NOT buy my masts from the sail manufacturer because I know other brands are designed to work fine with the sails. I rely on retail staff to make sure things will match up. I'm very happy with Powerex masts, so all but one mast is a Powerex. Since they have plenty of life in them, I am picking sails that work with them. When the masts wear out, I might look at other sail brands and masts that have different bend characteristics.
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